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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Helper - Journaling in Textpaths

Hi out there,

very frosty greetings here from Germany. Last weekend we nearly had 25 degrees and today it was -2 degrees in the morning *shiver*

So, what can we better do than sitting in front of our photoshop *lol*?

Do you love journaling as much as I do? Since I'm working on my little ones photobook (I only finished his first year yet and Alex is getting 4 in december *eek*) I nearly have journaling on each page I'm doing. I love to remember what was going on when I took the pics. So photoshop has a really useful function for me (and everyone else for sure): textpaths.

It's a great way to type your journaling in a textpath. So you can define, where your journaling should be and even if you change the font or the height or your type, you don't have to go through the text and make word wraps on your own. With using a textpath, photoshop does all this automatically.

So, let's have a look at this:

I just finished my last page, only journaling is missing. There is a little space on one paper left, where I'm going to place the journaling. Now my next step is choosing my Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw a selection, whre I wanna place my journaling. After that right click in your selection and choose Create Work Path:

The next step is choosing your text tool. Choose a font you want to use and leftclick in your textpath area. Now you can start journaling:

You don't like your font or size? Just choose another one, your text will fit to this:

I hope you liked this weeks sunday helper. See you soon.

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