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Friday, August 31, 2012

Flowers for your Stash

I have 2 new sets of Paper Flowers for you this week. They are both photographed and extracted by myself. They are also in true color and have not been altered. They are crisp and BIG and can be used with any type of kit or Digital Project. Both sets are 20% off this week only. You can find them and all my other flower sets in my Scrap Orchard shop.

Also, I will be going to the Utah Scrapbook Expo. Will you be there to play? You can get Advanced Tickets from Scrap Orchard here. I hope to see you there.

One last thing... Scrap Orchard is having a SALE! All products released during the summer will be on sale for 20% off. I just LOVE a good sale. Whooo hooo!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sneak Peek

Here's a little sneak peek of what Cheri has coming out this week.  So pretty!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Layout Highlights

Its Tuesday and it's the second day of school for us.  The whole house is up a lot earlier these last 2 days.  My boys loved their first day of class, sometimes they are not so enthusiastic about the second day of class!  Hope your school routines are back in the swing of things.  So let's get down to the business of browsing through Cheri's Dream Big Designs gallery at ScrapOrchard.

Let's take a look at some little kids having lots of fun.  First layout is called Bubbles by Lionsimba using 'Submerged'.  I just love all the circles on the page which go so well with a bubbles theme.  The arrows also add to the motion of the page.  It really shows off some summer fun playing outside with bubbles.

Next layout is called Speed & Daring by CatLady using 'Off Road'.  The photo effects are wonderful and it adds to the drama of the grunge scene.  The title is amazing, I love the gears around it.  She also uses several arrows to add motion.  Fabulous fun page!

There's so many wonderful layouts inside the Dream Big Designs gallery.  Keep those layouts coming and have a great week!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday has arrived in all it's glory.....along with all the stuff it brings....remember - it brings a FREEBIE!  hoo-ray!!
Check out this cool freebie word cluster created by CT jennifer!:

Let's take a close-up of Such a Smarty Pants:


You can pick up the awesome freebie on Jenn's blog here!  Make sure you leave her some love!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Helper - Folder Images

Sometimes I think being clueless is a good thing because you have no idea what you're missing out on.  Then when you figure something out, you can't believe how simple it was and why you didn't know about this before hand.  For me this week, it was something as simple as a folder image.  So let me explain.

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to organize the bazillion amount of scrapbooking stuff I have on my PC.  I'm very aware that all the files take up a ton of space so when I get a new kit I unzip everything and consolidate it all into 1 folder.  Then I delete the zip as well as all the marketing files (like blinkies, internet pointers, piracy notices), TOU and that extra file of the preview image called "folder.jpg".  

I never knew what that "folder.jpg" image was for, seemed like just another copy of the preview image.  So to save space, poof I deleted them all.  If you don't know what it can do for you, then you'll never miss it right?  Hmmm.

So let me tell you what that little folder.jpg image does for you.  Here's a look at several folders I have on my PC for Dream Big Designs kits.  Look closely at what's inside each yellow folder image.  See how it's trying to show you a few items that are inside the folder.  Sometimes it's showing an element and a paper, sometimes 2 elements.  Kind of a hodge podge and not the most informative.  Inside all of these kits I have deleted the folder.jpg image (except for 1 folder, hehe).

Now, if you have a file that's called folder.jpg, then that file will show up as the single image inside the yellow folder.  Let's take a closer look, these folders do NOT have a folder.jpg file in them.  So instead, my PC picks up 2 images for me to show me a sampling of what's inside.  

Then I went and copied the kit preview file and renamed it to folder.jpg.  Now there is only 1 image showing up inside the little yellow folder and it's the image that I've called folder.jpg.

Once I figured that out, I quickly went into each kit folder, copied the kit preview image and renamed it to folder.jpg.  Now when I look at my folders at a high level, I can get a better feel for what's inside them because I can see the preview image of each kit.

Of course, this barely scratches the surface in organizational strategies, but at least I now know what that file is for.  So in my peaceful bliss of being clueless about several thing, folder.jpg is one that I can cross off my list.  Maybe I won't be so quick fingered with all my deleting in the future.  Hope you have a great week!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mixed Matters Sale

The fun is still going on at ScrapMatters, and this month I am one of their lucky guests to hang out and play along. This week we got together with 3 other designers and made a Grab Bag with 4 different kits for you! And guess what, this grab bag is only $5! That is a steal. So, head on over and pick up your favorites. There are 6 different bags you can all grab for $5 each.

Yari, from Jady Day Studios thought of this cute little phrase and we all made kits from the lines:

You and Me
Here with you
Us Together
Our Dream Come True

Darling huh? You can see all the Bags here. Or our Bag is here.

I also want to see you in Utah. The Original Scrapbook expo is going on and I will be there hosting a speed scrap. Whoo hoo! I know you want to come play and scrap with us. Click the ad to learn more and purchase advanced entrance tickets.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Layout Highlights

Ahhh, it's Tuesday again.  Have your kids started back to school yet?  Mine don't start until next Monday so we are enjoying our last week of lazy freedom.  I need to start thinking now about capturing some interesting first day of school photos.  Those are always so much fun to scrap!!

Now let's look at some layout highlights from Cheri's Dream Big Designs gallery at ScrapOrchard.   As I'm browsing the gallery, I'm reminded of how adorable all the photos are of little boys in their fireman's costumes.  They're so sweet and innocent looking in a red fireman's hat and the big black boots.  So today I'm featuring 2 gorgeous pages of little firemen in training.  These are guaranteed to make you say "Awwww!".

This first layout is called Future Fireman by Irish_Eyes22.  Are you ready to say it....Awwww!  So adorable!  I love the blocks filled with patterned papers and how she used the note paper under the journaling.  The title is awesome and just look at that boy's precious face!  Amazing page!

Next up is a gorgeous layout called Suit Up by MrsBurgess.  The photo blends are stunning and check out that picture of them holding hands walking away.  Awwww, it's jaw dropping.  I love her mix of papers and the large fire hose that squirts a drop over the journal space.  So pretty!

Both these layouts were made with the collab kit called Hereoes - Fire from Dream Big Designs and Chelle's Creations.  You can find all of Cheri's kits at her ScrapOrchard Store.

Have a wonderful week and keep those layouts coming into Cheri's gallery.  We love to see all your inspiration!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Yes, hooray!  It's Monday again, which means it is freebie day, AGAIN!  Check out this incredibly awesome paper stack made just for YOU by CT Jenn using Tiny Toes!

Let's get a close-up of the kit!

the bundle:

the kit:

the graffiti:

You can pick up the freebie here!  Enjoy!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Helper - Blog Image Sizes

When you are writing a blog post in Blogger, have you ever wondered how to make your image sizes bigger or smaller?  Sometimes they might look too small or too big for the post area.  How come?  Hmmm, let's figure it out.

In the Blogger menu panel, you can insert an image into your blog post by clicking the "Image" button and copying in the file name.

For this example, I'm going to use a layout I made with Dream Big Designs 'Into The Wild'.  It's saved at 600x600 pixels which is the standard size for gallery layouts.  Once your image is loaded into the blog post, you can change the size of the image as well as change the alignment of centered, right or left justified.  If you click on the image, a menu pops up that allow you to make adjustments.

Now, how big or small will your layout get??  You get 5 choices for sizing:  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and Original Size.  Blogger is going to take your original image and make a sizing adjustment.  The width is the most important measurement here because your blog post area has a fixed width, but the height can vary.

If you click on "Small", Blogger will resize your image to a width of 200 and change the height accordingly.  So my layout gets resized to 200x200 pixels.

A "Medium" image will get resized to a width of 320 pixels, so my layout is now 320x320.

A "Large" image has a width of 400 pixels, so now this image is 400x400.

X-Large width is 640 pixels, so this image is now sized at 640x640.  With a centered image, some of the layout gets cut off on the right hand size (or it gets overlapped into your sidebar area depending upon which kind of blog template you are using). 

If you select "Original Size", Blogger will keep the exact image dimensions your file was saved as.  So this is my original document in a size of 600x600 pixels.  Even this size has some of the layout cut off/overlapped on the right hand side.

It's very easy to adjust your image size so that you can display layouts and kits on your blog.  So which size image do you like?  Bigger is certainly better than smaller when it comes to seeing the details inside a kit or on your layout.  And personally, I like having my blog posts centered so it's easy or read and I think it looks cleaner.  

But it bugs me that some of the layout image gets cut off on the right size when I sized the image at X-Large or Original Size.  If the image is supposed to be centered, you'd think that the layout would get equally cut off on both sides, right?  Not so in Blogger, your post area is actually a little bit skewed to the right of center.  The explanation lies deep within the HTML code of how your blogger template is set up.  Explanations like that require a helmet and night vision goggles to comprehend so let's just  remember that the post area is a little off centered. LOL!

You can play some tricks to make your image fit a little bit better.  Here is the X-Large image but I made it "left justified".  Before when it was "centered" you could only see the brown scallop strip on the right, now you can see some of the orange tiger striped paper on the right (or see less of an overlap in the sidebar area).

Boy, that was a lengthy post!  But now you know how to experiment with your image sizes in a blog post and how to do a little bit of manipulation to fool Blogger.  Give it a try!  Have a wonderful week!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Into the Deep

Somewhere beyond the sea... there is a whole world of fishies, sharks, and squids. I had such a fun time creating these sea creatures. I loaded Into the Deep with a ton of unusual ocean animals. Perfect for trips to the aquarium, Sea World or Scuba trips. It is 20% off this week only in my shop.

Into the Deep

(I also have the other basic colored animals included.)



Dream Team Inspiration

And one hybrid project:

Have a fabulous day.