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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Blog Trains....

Wow! What did I get myself into? I decided to do two trains and after I signed up, I realized they were on the same day. oops. Well, then you have double treats from me today. The first train is from Stuff to Scrap. I decided to do a mask. Hope you like

Here is the list of stops:
Digi-designs by Nicole
Life Is Not a Cereal
Stuff To Scrap
Becky aka SAHM Scrapper
Scraps N Pieces
Grandmas Templates
Desertgirl Designs
Shel Belle Scraps
Tonisha's Playground
Ginger's House
Ányi + a digitális scrapbooking
Seal Scraps
Craft With Me
Midnight Scrapping
Tricia's Treasures
Always Be Neighbors Designs
Jensen Motley Crew Designs
Dream Big Designs
a thousand words by Brooke
Adriana's Cafe
Digi-Scrapz by Christi
The Scrappy Kat
moms unique possibilities
Chubby Bird Blog
This Little Missy
Saphira's Scrapdesign
A valóság tükre (Osli's blog)
StashHappy Designs
light's digiscrapworld
Citygurl Creations
Lovin' My Scrappy Life
The Latest Scoop, Too
Let Me Scrapbook!
Little Red Scraps
Mad Genius Designs

The next train is the Ghost Train. I did a little mini kit for you. Enjoy.

Here is home base in case you get lost. This is one HUGE train!

http://www.pimpyour scrapbook. com/
http://designedbyst inaagain. blogspot. com/
http://alyssas- scrapsnsuch. blogspot. com/
http://amysscrappla ce.blogspot. com/
http://antisocialdi stortions. blogspot. com/
http://artlorsdesig nshoppe.blogspot .com/
http://babycakesscr aps.blogspot. com/
http://barkingpengu inscraps. blogspot. com/
http://scrappingbit s.blogspot. com/
http://blind- blog/
http://bluebird- ddu.blogspot. com/
http://cccreationz. blogspot. com/
http://caravan- gypsy.blogspot. com/
http://caysdesigns. blogspot. com/
http://www.charlieo TheGoodieTrain. htm
http://creative- scraps.blogspot. com/
http://www.coquetta sdesignz. blogspot. com/
http://thecountrygi rlcreationscabin .blogspot. com/
http://countryhollo wcreations. blogspot. com/
http://crazedscreat ions.blogspot. com/
http://jeanniescrea tions.blogspot. com/
http://creationzbyj o.blogspot. com/
http://crystalsscra pcreations. blogspot. com/
http://dlitefulacce nts-gina. blogspot. com/
http://debscrapbook s.blogspot. com/
http://www.darkpheo nixquietcorner. blogspot. com/
http://www.darksist ersstore. blogspot. com/
http://www.dazzling scraps.blogspot. com/
http://pimpmytagswi thscraps. com/blog/
http://dolphinlover 09.blogspot. com/
http://digiscrapsde zines.blogspot. com/
http://digicats. blogspot. com/
http://digifoxsstud io.blogspot. com/
http://digiscrapati ons.blogspot. com/
http://digitalbluep rint.blogspot. com/
http://digitalcreat ionsfrommillstre amcottage. blogspot. com/
http://dorthi. blogspot. com/
http://www.dreambig digi.blogspot. com/
http://ellanoir. blogspot. com/
http://enviedadmire dscraps.blogspot .com/
http://funky- fever.blogspot. com/
http://girlfriendde signz.blogspot. com/
http://gothicinspir ations.blogspot. com/
http://graphicsbypo kadot.blogspot. com/
http://heartfeltper fections. blogspot. com/
http://heavensdesig nz.blogspot. com/
http://hippiedazesc rappinstuff. blogspot. com/
http://hbsfaithinch ristscraps. blogspot. com/
http://i-dont- give-a-scrap. blogspot. com/
http://ladyannesscr aps.blogspot. com/
http://jbs2designs. blogspot. com/
http://www.jensswee ttemptations. blogspot. com/
http://josdzigns. blogspot. com/
http://blueridgemea dows.blogspot. com/
http://saphirasworl /
http://intoxxikated intentionz. blogspot. com/
http://melissadanie ldesigns. blog/
http://pinkquixotic .blogspot. com/
http://missylynnscr apsandtuts. blogspot. com/
http://momparadised esigns.blogspot. com/
http://oceanmystdes igns.blogspot. com/
http://netteandsher rasscraps. blogspot. com/
http://nettesnighto wlworks.blogspot .com/
http://turtlesrainb ow.blogspot. com/
http://pimp- your-tags. blogspot. com/
http://polkadotscra ps.blogspot. com/
http://pspgirlplace .blogspot. com/
http://bitsnpieceso fqbd.blogspot. com/
http://rachelsexpre ssionz.blogspot. com/
http://scrappersvil le.blogspot. com/
http://rosemadedesi gns.blogspot. com/
http://sassysimagin ation.blogspot. com/
http://scrapintimen fun.blogspot. com/
http://scrappylippy designs.blogspot .com/
http://hornyroo. blogspot. com/
http://scrapswithat titude.blogspot. com/
http://scrapzbysash i.blogspot. com/
http://sensualposer s.blogspot. com/
http://sevens- scraps.blogspot. com/
http://lifewithshal .blogspot. com/
http://irresistible scraps.blogspot. com/
http://snackpackgu. blogspot. com/
http://staceysdesig ns.blogspot. com/
http://stargazer- musings.blogspot .com/
http://freebiefrien dsscrapsandmore. blogspot. com/
http://stickykisses designs.blogspot .com/
http://sunflower- scraps.blogspot. com/
http://snsdigiscrap pers.blogspot. com/
http://tootypupscra ps.blogspot. com/
http://twinkydezine s.blogspot. com/
http://tygerstidbit s.blogspot. com/
http://whisprddream z.blogspot. com/
http://whisprddesig nz.blogspot. com/
http://wenchdesigns .blogspot. com/
http://www.wickedpr incessscraps. blogspot. com/
http://wildfiredezi gnz.blogspot. com/
http://yourscrapadd iction.blogspot. com/
http://yummiedesign s.blogspot. com/
http://scrapu. blogspot. com
http://scrappybitof fun.blogspot. com
http://www.michelle s-angels. blogspot. com
http://SandyPieCrea tions.blogspot. com
http://www.pimpmyta gswithscraps. com/blog
http://maureenwatli ngdesigns. blogspot. com/
http://graphicsbyli z.blogspot. com/
http://chilidesignz z.blogspot. com/

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Want to do a collab with me? Or be a CT?

I really loved doing the collab with Nicole! So, I thought I would copy her and ask if any of you designers want to do a collab with me. Just email me @ send me a link to your blog so I can check out what you can do. Newbies or Seasoned designers welcome to join!
I will let you pick out the pallet and theme and I will let you know the date. Sound like fun?
Also, if you are interested in Cting for me I always welcome more layout help. Just Email me and I will check you out.

Scraps of Ellay's new MEGA kit

Scraps of Ellay has a new kit out called Cosmic Charlie. It is one MEGA kit. I loved playing with it. There are sooo many papers, and fun embellishments. I made 4 layouts with it! You can get it at her store here. Here is the preview and here are my layouts:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Here comes The Ghost Train!

This is, without a doubt, the LARGEST freebie train in history!
Over 100 spectacular designers have come together to offer you
The BEST Halloween free kits, CU items, Brag Books, and more!
There is sure to be something for everyone! Rather it's for traditional scrapbooking, designing or tagging!
So sit, stay a spell and your get snagging fingers ready!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Brand New Kit - Scare Those Crows and a Freebie

I have a fall-tastic kit out for you this week. It is called Scare Those Crows and since I am not in another store yet, I decided to give it to you for only a dollar at my store! Here is the preview. This kit is packed full of 17 papers, 38 elements, and a matching alpha! You will love this kit for Halloween or pumpkin picking, or whatever else.

Check out the amazing layouts from my CT.
Guest CT: LaceE

Guest CT: Bia





And now for your freebie:

P.S. - You might find an unreleased kit at my store to check out early. Shhh. Don't tell ;)

My drama of online file storing...

Ok, I have been searching and searching for a new place to store all my files. 4 Shared gets too many bugs, Media Fire has too many pop ups, drop share doesn't have a password option, neither does Mega upload. And I don't want to even get into Windows Live. Is there no other options? Well, most of my problem would be solved if I could store my stuff at a store, but I am still in a search for a new store. Oh bother. I turned in an application to my DREAM store, and am waiting for a response, but have not heard anything yet. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. If that doesn't work out, I still have other options, but I don't want to rush into anything unless it feels right. So, if you download my stuff and it is stored all over the place, I am sorry. I am just trying to figure out which place I like the best. Thanks for caring! Have a happy Sunday!

Psss...Pre-release peek

Before you go out and buy all those expensive Halloween kits, I have two that I want to tell you about before they are released. Check it out! You can get them at my store for a $1 HERE. Thanks! And Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Helly's Brand New Kit

Designs by Helly just came out with a sweet whimsical kit called Dream A Little Dream. You can get it at ESS. Right now it is even on sale. Here is the preview...

Here are my layouts I did with it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Soaf a Loaf freebie

Thank you sooo much for all your input on the copy kits issue. I read mostly that you like variety, but not so much that you get sick of it. And I think I would agree. I think instead of doing all the sports, I am going to pick a few that I have some great ideas with. So, thank you. I do not feel discouraged anymore and you helped get my mojo going again!

Here is a freebie from Anyi.

New kit from Designs by Helly

I forgot to post this..oops, but check out this cute kit from Helly. Here is the layout I did with it. You can get this kit at her store here for only $2.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Soaf-a-loaf elements

Today you get the elements. Thanks for leaving such wonderful comments!
*Link Expired

Here are some wonderful layouts from my CT!



Ellay's New Kit

Ellay has a beautiful new kit out called Hands of Time. You can get it at her blog here. It has a timeless ageless feel to it. Here is the preview:

Here is my layout:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just a thought...and a question?

I just had to post some thoughts today to get them out of head... as a designer some ideas will pop into your head, and I think it is sooo weird how ideas come to all of us designers at the same time. Like for instance, this last week I thought, I am going to do a whole bunch of kits with different sports. I get my pallets all ready, I find brushes, and such that I like to start the kit. Then while I am looking around scrap land, I see sports kits popping up all over the place. Another one is medical...I am working on a kit and all of a sudden I see the same idea all over. Is it just me, or are we all getting epiphanies at the same time. HEHE. I am not upset about this, I actually think it is pretty funny. But my question to all you scrappers out there is you like to see the same themes with kits, and have multiple choices, or do you get sick of seeing the same thing all over the place? I just thought I would ask to see if I should continue with my ideas, or just pull the plug on some? Thanks for your input in advance.

New Freebie Kit!

My daughter turned two this month and in honor of her I made this kit. Her nick-name is Soaf-a-loaf, so I named this birthday kit the same. Hope you like it. It is all FREE!!!
Today you get the papers and tomorrow I will give you the elements.
*Link expired

Here are some wonderful layouts from my CT!



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ellay's New Cute kit

Ellay has a new kit out called Diamond Lucy. It is colorful and so cute!

I love the little Lucy! You can get this kit at her store here. Here are the layouts I did with this kit:

Thanks for lookin'!

Freebies for Whoo's Ready for School

My CT has some cute and wonderful freebies for you this week. Check them out!
Guest CT - Rose:


Sunday, September 13, 2009

New kit - Whoo's Ready for School and Freebie

My new kit is called Whoo's Ready for School...And it is BIG! Not everything is in the preview and it is so full of school stuff you will be able to use it all year!
You can get this amazing kit at my dollar store HERE! This might be one of my last dollar kits...I am looking for a new store and when I find one, I am going to have to raise my prices just a little. Because my kits are getting bigger, and more advanced! So, grab this one NOW!
Here is the preview:

Here are some fabulous layouts from my rockin' CT!
Guest CT: Rose




Here is your freebie to go along with the kit: (Photo Mask)