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Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Freebie Time!

The end of April has arrived - I don't even know where the month has gone!  Lucky for us - it's Monday - so that means freebie!  Today's freebie was created by CT Jennifer - jmljensen using Pirate Pillage.

Check it out:




You can head over to Jennifer's blog and pick up the freebie there!  Be sure to leave her some love!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Helper - Seeing Your Layers

Well, it's the last Sunday in April, where has this month gone?  Today we're going to talk about a very simple tip.  I use PSE7 for my digital scrapping.  When I first started creating layouts, I loved the concept of layers and seeing a full listing of layers in the layers palette.  But sadly, I could barely "see" them because the images were so tiny.  It looked like this:

That went on for quite a while.  I was just a beginner and had no idea about all the cool options you can tweak in Photoshop Elements.  Then one day I learned that you can actually change the size of the layer images in the layers palette.  It's such an easy adjustment to make, I couldn't believe that I lived so long without it!

Here's what you do....
On the very top of the layers palette, click on the double arrow on the right side of the words "Layers".  That will bring up a pop-up box with several selections.  Select "Palette Options" on the very bottom of the pop-up box.

You'll get another pop-up box that allows you to adjust the size of the thumbnail images in your layers palette.  You can chose a small, medium or large view.  Inside the box for Thumbnail Contents, make sure you select "Layer Bounds".  That will keep the thumbnail image of the element or paper only.  If you select "Entire Document", it will show you the image and where it is positioned on your document, which makes the image even smaller in that thumbnail box.  You can experiment with each image size and see which one you like the best.

After I selected the larger thumbnail view, this is now what my layers palette looks like.  I get a bigger image of each layer so it's very easy to move them around, shadow them or delete them.

Wasn't that easy?  Hard to believe how such a simple adjustment can make your life so much better.  Hope you have a great week!.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Have you seen the Digi Dares?

I am lucky enough to be a Sponser this month for the Digi Dares. Whoo hoo! They are a fun site with unique and creative challenges. You can check them out here. I know that this month you can win some fun prizes and see some inspiring pages from the Creative Team.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Layout Highlights

On Sunday, we talked about using striped papers in your layouts.  While I was browsing Cheri's Dream Big Designs gallery, I found 2 other fabulous examples of using stripes.

I love this page called Tough Guy by Jenn18.  Look at the big bold stripes covering the entire page - how fun is that??!!  The black and white photo really softens up the page.  And your eye travels all throughout the buttons and gears scatter.  Fabulous page!

Jenn18 used Monster Truck Madness to make that layout.

The striped paper in this layout called Easter Eggs by TJscraps is very subtle.  By using some paper strips underneath the photos, she creates lots of color on the page.  The soft off-white background paper is a gorgeous backdrop to showcase the stripes.  

TJscraps used Some Bunny for her layout.

Thank you ladies for your fabulous creations.  Join me next week as we go browsing the Dream Big Designs gallery.  You know we'll find something beautiful!

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Monday....

Yes, Monday has once again arrived. I can't make all things go well for you today, but I can post this awesome freebie created by CT Jennifer and hopefully it will brighten up your Monday! Jennifer used Snow Wars to make this page!
Check it out!
the bundle
the kit
You can pick the freebie up here on Jennifer's blog - make sure you leave her some love!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Helper - Using Stripes

Last week we talked about using banners in your layouts.  Today we'll be chatting about using stripes.  Sometimes striped paper can be very intimidating.  The stripes can be very big and bold making it seem too overwhelming to use in your layouts. But it can be very easy to get started.   Let's take a look at how Cheri's Dream Big Design Team uses stripes in their pages.

A gentle way to ease into using stripes is to make an outer edge border like Jennifer did.  The stripes add some wonderful colors to complement page.

Or you can use just one edge of the paper like Meagan did to make a vertical striped border.

And the border doesn't always have to run the entire edge from top to bottom.  See how Roxana has the striped paper going about 3/4rds of the edge.

When you are stacking multiple papers on top of each other, a striped paper adds lots of dimension as the middle paper.  Here's how Jennifer did that.

To add even more dimension and drama to the page, you can have a larger border of stripes on top and bottom like Jennifer did.  Because stripes are bold, you want to soften the page by using a solid color in the middle.

Here's another example by Brittany.  The cream colored paper in the middle looks lovely surrounded by the bold stripes.  Because the colors of the stripes match the colors of the elements, everything blends nicely.

Check out how brave Lynnette was!  She's got a striped paper for her entire background.  But with the oversized circle photo and all the beautiful clustering, the stripes do not overpower the page.

Another neat way to use striped is to add them in as a paper strip underneath your photos.  Melissa's page looks fabulous with the striped paper tucked under the snow pictures.

And here's one from me with a larger striped paper as a background behind the photos.

And lastly, when you have several paper blocks, using striped papers adds a nice colorful touch.  Meagan's page has several bold colors, patterns and stripes for her paper blocks.

Stripes can add lots of color and drama to your pages.  It can be fun experimenting with different patterns and textures.  I hope all these layouts give you lots of inspiration for adding stripes to your layouts.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Pirates Life for me!

Arrgh, you Scallywag! You ain't seen nothin' til you have scoured Scrap Orchard to pluck out the most Swashbucklin' kit in the world!

Pirate Pillage is a collab with me and WM2, that has everything you need for a Pirate Project. There is so much stuff, the preview doesn't even show it all.

You can grab it all for an even better deal in the Bundle:

I have a Freebie for you too:

Wendy also has a Freebie on her blog too. So make sure to stop by and pick it up.

And check out the amazing Dream Team Inspiration:

Have a great day, Matey!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sneak Peek!

Cheri has teamed up with Wendy from WM Squared Designs to create an amazing new collection for you.  Stay tuned, you don't want to miss this one!   Arrgh!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Layout Highlights!

Time for our Tuesday Layout Highlights! Let's see what cool new layouts we can find in Cheri's Dream Big Designs ScrapOrchard gallery.  Today I found 2 fabulous pages that are very tropical.  First is this gorgeous layout called Little Fish by Gonewiththewind.  That blue background paper is just stunning. I love how she included the turtle, jellyfish and tropical fish into the clusters.  It certainly projects a very beachy feel to the page.  Awesome job!

Next is an amazing aquarium scene scrapped by ScrappingwithLiz called Aquarium.  The large photo across the top is beautiful.  And look how she placed that eel, it's almost like he's part of the aquarium.  Isn't that cluster in the bottom right corner just fabulous!  What a wonderful page.

Both these pages were made with Dream Big Designs 'Submerged' kit.  You can find all of Cheri's designs at her ScrapOrchard Store.  Thank you ladies for sharing your layouts with us today.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Here Freebie Freebie Freebie!

Yes, the Monday freebie is here! This one was created by one of our newer CT memebers: angiepangie - she used Holy Night to create this quickpage:
You can pick up your freebie here~ make sure you leave some love!