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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Helper - Seeing Your Layers

Well, it's the last Sunday in April, where has this month gone?  Today we're going to talk about a very simple tip.  I use PSE7 for my digital scrapping.  When I first started creating layouts, I loved the concept of layers and seeing a full listing of layers in the layers palette.  But sadly, I could barely "see" them because the images were so tiny.  It looked like this:

That went on for quite a while.  I was just a beginner and had no idea about all the cool options you can tweak in Photoshop Elements.  Then one day I learned that you can actually change the size of the layer images in the layers palette.  It's such an easy adjustment to make, I couldn't believe that I lived so long without it!

Here's what you do....
On the very top of the layers palette, click on the double arrow on the right side of the words "Layers".  That will bring up a pop-up box with several selections.  Select "Palette Options" on the very bottom of the pop-up box.

You'll get another pop-up box that allows you to adjust the size of the thumbnail images in your layers palette.  You can chose a small, medium or large view.  Inside the box for Thumbnail Contents, make sure you select "Layer Bounds".  That will keep the thumbnail image of the element or paper only.  If you select "Entire Document", it will show you the image and where it is positioned on your document, which makes the image even smaller in that thumbnail box.  You can experiment with each image size and see which one you like the best.

After I selected the larger thumbnail view, this is now what my layers palette looks like.  I get a bigger image of each layer so it's very easy to move them around, shadow them or delete them.

Wasn't that easy?  Hard to believe how such a simple adjustment can make your life so much better.  Hope you have a great week!.

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