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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Helper - Keyboard Shortcuts

In Photoshop and Elements, there are lots of keyboard shortcuts.  Maybe you already use a bunch of them.  But for me, there was only 1 of them that I used, so this past week I made myself practice using them.  Sometimes it truly is hard teaching an old dog new tricks.  Especially for me when I'm so used to having the mouse as a permanent attachment to my right hand.  It seemed easier for me to just click a few times with my mouse instead of using both hands to do a CTRL letter.  Yup, I'm an old dog and I need to get hip with all these new tools!

Here's a listing of keyboard shortcuts for you to experiment with:

For me, the one I learned when I first got Photoshop Elements was CTRL G to clip a paper or photo onto another layer.  That one I use all the time.  So this past week I tried out CTRL J to duplicate a layer (which I found extremely handy and use all the time now), CTRL Z to undo a mistake (still can't get used to this one since I'm so quick with my mouse to hit that little swirly undo arrow), and CTRL D to deselect when I get the marching ants around an elements when I didn't mean to do that (don't need to do that too often but I like this one).  Next week I'll pick out a few more to try.  I put them on a post-it on my monitor to remind me to use the shortcuts more often.

So check out the list and see what keyboard shortcuts you're not using and give a few of them a try this week.  Let me know how you do!

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