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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Layout Highlights

Its Tuesday and it's the second day of school for us.  The whole house is up a lot earlier these last 2 days.  My boys loved their first day of class, sometimes they are not so enthusiastic about the second day of class!  Hope your school routines are back in the swing of things.  So let's get down to the business of browsing through Cheri's Dream Big Designs gallery at ScrapOrchard.

Let's take a look at some little kids having lots of fun.  First layout is called Bubbles by Lionsimba using 'Submerged'.  I just love all the circles on the page which go so well with a bubbles theme.  The arrows also add to the motion of the page.  It really shows off some summer fun playing outside with bubbles.

Next layout is called Speed & Daring by CatLady using 'Off Road'.  The photo effects are wonderful and it adds to the drama of the grunge scene.  The title is amazing, I love the gears around it.  She also uses several arrows to add motion.  Fabulous fun page!

There's so many wonderful layouts inside the Dream Big Designs gallery.  Keep those layouts coming and have a great week!

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