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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Helper - Store up before dissaster strikes

This has been the topic of a lot of conversation lately. Hard drives crashing, all your information lost.... Online storage sites like icloud and Backblaze are becoming more and more important. The question is really not if your hard drive will go out, be WHEN. So, do you have everything backed up? Are you sure? I hear all the time of my digi friends and customers who lost all their photos and scrap supplies because of a HD crash. I feel so aweful for them, but I ask.... why wasn't it backed up?
I have a large 2TB computer and a 1TB external hard drive. I have everything on my computer and then my important files (photos, scrap kits, scanned docs, music, movies) all copied onto my EHD. But I kept thinking about what if there was a flood or fire? Everything would be lost. I needed to find an affordable way to store my computer online.
I did some research on what sites were out there along with the prices. I found 2 sites that I was interested in, Backblaze and Crashplan. So, which was better? Well, both cost about the same (only about $3-5 a month!) and both have unlimited storage. The only difference is how they are set up and back up your information.
Backblaze pretty much backs up your whole computer minus your OS and programs. Where Crashplan will backup everything if you need it, but you can be more picky about what you do and do not want backed up.
So, for me I like things simple and if something is on my computer, it is important. I go through and trash things pretty frequently, so I just want my whole system backed up. I went with Backblaze and for the moment I am pretty happy at how easy it was to use and how I now feel a LOT better about my system crashing.
Are you prepared for the worst?

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