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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Helper - Resizing your pics

Are you looking for an easy and fast way to resize your pics and LOs? Well, stay tuned, here is your solution: Just use nSonic JPG-Compressor. It's a wonderful little free tool you can download here. Just scroll down to the end of the page and click the download link, unzip it to your harddrive and start the program by clicking the exe-button. There is no installation needed. The downloaded program contains two languages, German and English (but there are more available for download). You can easily switch between languages with the button on the right top edge.

Now lets start, just drag and drop your files, your want to resize:

Now you can start adjusting all settings as it fits for you. First change height and width of your pic or layout. You can leave on of those points blank if wanted, to keep proportion. If needed, you can also sharpen your image. Another useful option is the reduce quality function. Some galleries out there in digi-word only allow specific image sizes so you can limit the file size. If wanted, you are also able to add a frame or some text, just as wished.

Now click on the convert all button on the top (if you added more than one file, all files will be converted with the same parameters). A new window just opens and you have to choose, in which way you want to name your file. Just use the way you are most comfort with. After all clickt the start convertion button.

JPG Converter now rezises all your pics and saves them on your harddrive. After success, you'll get a little message:

That's it, now you're fnished! Hope you like this little tool as much as I do. For further examples just have a look on JPG converter's homepage.

See you soon!

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