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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Layout Highlights

Welcome back to the Tuesday layout highlights!  Did you enjoy all the hybrid examples from last week?  They are so inspiring!  As we drift back into the digital layouts this week, I'm always in awe by the boldness and fun of each of these layouts.

Here's one called Sea Life Center by Ellie80 using 'Into The Deep'.  I love the bold circle paper as a background and the yellow square placed on the top.  The title is fabulous and I love all the waters splashes, the graffiti and the adorable sea plants.  It really captures the fun of the water center.

I adore all the movement and motion shown in this layout called Bike A Thon 2102 by SuperScrappinMom using 'Girls On Wheels' and 'Bikes and Trikes'. The large photo is so fabulous with all the bikes and colorful helmets and of course of all the expressions of glee on the kid's faces!  The horizontal block of photos is darling.  It's just too cute!  It certainly reminds me of the importance of taking lots of photos at events like these.

Thank you for sharing all your treasures in the Dream Big Designs gallery!  Keep on scrapping!

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