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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Layout Highlights

Did you have a nice long holiday weekend?  Sometimes having an extra day off makes the whole weekend seem to last forever!  But now that our rest time is over, it's time to get back to business and take a look at some gorgeous creations in Cheri's Dream Big Designs gallery at ScrapOrchard.

First up is Speedy by Ellie80 made with 'Girls On Wheels'.  The pinks and purples on this page are so pretty.  Check out those 2 big clusters, they really pull your focus into a diagonal slant.  The yellow flowers and ribbon add a great pop to the page.  It's just lovely!

Next take a look at Walking Baxter by Britaneejean made with 'Bad To The Bone'.  Look how the background paper makes a fabulous edging.  I love the beige paper with the rounded edges, it blends with the framing of the dogs on the background paper.  The stitching is wonderful.  What a gorgeous page to remember taking Baxter for a walk.

Thank you ladies for sharing your creativity and inspiration with us today.  Keep those layouts coming.  I'd love to feature them here next Tuesday!  Have a great week!

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