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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Tuesday!  Wasn't it a fun weekend with all the National Scrapbooking Day events?  Now it's time to take a walk through the Dream Big Design gallery to see what sparkles this week.  But first I'll have to admit that with 2 boys in our house, I've learned to love anything with superheroes and pirates.  And I can stare at pirate layouts for hours and hours and not get tired of looking at them!  So this week I'm going to highlight a few more layouts made with 'Pirate Pillage'.

Here's a fun page called Pirate Booty by mama_pajama.  The first thing you notice is the awesome staging in the photo.  Wouldn't you love to be posing there with all that treasure and coins?  The banner is fabulous and I love the vertical polka dot strip with the clustering on top.  The page just draws you in and you can stare at it forever!

Now feast your eyes on this layout called Pirate Splash Battle by Ulrikaulrika.  Wow, this is every little boy's dream to visit a place like this!  I love the sequence of photos showing all the fun these kids are having.  And that title is wonderful.  The action in each shot is amazing.  I wanna go here too!

Arrgh!  Thank you ladies for sharing your pirate adventures with us!

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