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Friday, March 16, 2012

Wanna Take a Trip Off Road?

In our family, we LOVE our Big Boy toys. My husband always said that he would have a Truck and a 4 Wheeler before he was 30. - Well, he got his wish. lol. About 5 years ago he bought a brand new truck and 4 Wheeler.
He loves both of his "toys". He takes us camping and goes on trails, up mountains, to the Sand Dunes, and even climbs up rocks at Moab with it.
My kiddos love it too. They love to go fast and jump over the sand dune hills. Yep, we love our speedy toys. And so of course I just had to make a perfect kit to capture all those family memories.
I loved the pallet and feel of this kit so much, that I decided to make a whole collection to go with it. You can find it all in my Scrap Orchard Shop. Enjoy!

Off Road (the wheelers and motorcycle come with multiple colors)

Off Road Add On

Off Road Graffiti

Off Road Word Art

Off Road Bundle

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  1. digifree is about FREEBIES , not posting commercial stuff

  2. Sorry. I am not sure why it was posted on Digifree. There are other freebies available on my blog, newsletter and FB. It must have been an error on their part. :)