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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Layout Highlights!

It's Tuesday, time to take a walk through the Dream Big Designs' gallery and see what's inspiring this week. It's such a good idea to browse though galleries to see all the unique ideas that can be scrapped with each kit.    Sometimes we're tired and our creative mojo is on slow motion, it's hard to think outside the box when you look at a kit.

For example, take a look at Cheri's 'Lucky Day' kit.  Your first thought is that it's great for scrapping St. Patrick's Day photos with the shamrocks, pot of gold and rainbows.  Thinking some more, you might pick up on the money and dice theme and scrap some money or card game photos.  But what else?

This is when browsing that gallery gets really fun!  Take a look at this absolutely gorgeous page by Scrapingramma.  Wow, did you ever think wedding when you thought about how you could use 'Lucky Day'?  Look how she used all the green landscaping in the photos to blend in all the elements and papers.  Plus the title brings in luck.  Cool, now that you look at this page, you can see how 'Lucky Day' was a perfect kit choice!  

And now take a peek at this layout by VanillaDesignz.  It's a beautiful page pulling in all the flowers, greenery and banner with just a hint of that rainbow poking through.  It's a beautiful page showing lots of emotion from her daughter.  Stunning photo effects, don't you think?  So 'Lucky Day' is great for scrapping every day photos too!

Thank you Scrapingramma and VanillaDesignz for inspiring us to think outside the box in how we scrap with each kit!  Keep posting your layouts to the Dream Big Design gallery at Scraporchard.  We'd love to showcase it here on Tuesdays!

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