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Friday, March 23, 2012

More CU Awesomness

While I am partying it up in Vegas, I decided to release some fabulous CU for you.
I am a little biased, but I LOVE my CU Paper Flower collection. I have found that I have only been using my flowers in my kits lately. They are just too easy to recolor and have amazing detail. Plus, they are not just the same image recolored over and over. It is different items in original color.
I spend a LOT of time making sure that the images are perfectly in focus and quality extracted. I even have my very own Quality Checker (Meagan) who is my little Nazi with perfection. (Wub ya Meagan!)
So, you end up with a perfect set of CU for your kits, Layouts or any digital project. Enjoy, and have a fabulous weekend. :)

CU Paper Flowers Vol. 3

CU Squished Ribbon Vol. 1

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