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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Helper - Cool Statistics Tracker For Your Blog

If you have a blog, did you ever wonder how many people are looking at you, how did they get to your blog and what pages are the most popular on your blog?  Well, there's a cool tool that I use called StatCounter that tracks all that information about your blog in a very easy to read format.  StatCounter is free and easy to install.  On my blog, it was a few lines of code to add and it's all invisible to your readers.

You can check out their demo and see this main summary page that shows how many people visited your blog each day.  Pretty cool, huh?

There's lots of other information you can see about your blog.  Things like which site they came from to get to your blog, what countries they're from, how long they stayed at your site.  Lot's of neat statistics.

So if you're looking for a free tool to track your blog activity, you might want to check out StatCounter.  Hope you have a great week!

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