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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Helper - Blending Papers

I love textures and patterns!  Even on a solid paper, I love for it to have a texture to it.  The textures add a fabulous depth and richness to your pages.  When you start stacking papers together, the textures and patterns help to differentiate the colors.  Sometimes with a solid paper, I like to liven it up by blending 2 papers together.  Many times I like the color of the solid paper, but want to add a slight pattern to it.  Blending papers is such a simple task.  

So let's start with a fun and bold kit like Dream Big Designs 'Pizza Plus Games'.  And if you've ever been to Chuck E. Cheese, you know that loud, bold and noisy is the norm!!  

We'll start with this pretty solid yellow paper and find something with a pattern to blend into it.  

Looking through the papers in this kit, I like the square windows in this paper.  I also made sure that the patterned paper is somewhat coordinating in color shades.

So I place the green checkered paper in a layer above the solid yellow paper.  I change the blending mode to "Overlay" and then soften the opacity quite a bit down to 43%.

And here is the resulting blended paper.  A solid yellow paper with some square checks to it!

Let's try another example.  We'll start with this solid cardboard purple paper.

I spotted this cool paper with lots of stars on it.

I place the white star paper in a layer above the solid purple paper.  I changed the blending mode to "Soft Light" which has a slightly lighter feel than Overlay does.  And I slide the opacity way down to 39%.

And here you go.  That same purple cardboard paper but now decorated with a few stars.

Easy peasy, huh?  Give it a try sometime and experiment with different blending modes!  Blending 2 papers together gives your kit a lot more versatility!  Hope you have a fabulous week!

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