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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Helper - How to straighten a pic

Hi folks,

welcome to our newest Sunday helper!

Last week I scanned some babypics of myself. They all were fixed in my babybook and so most of them were leaned a little bit and had a brown border from my babybooks background:

 I tried to straighten them in photoshop with the transformation tool in photoshop, but I never figured out the right angle and so it was very hard to get them straight. But then a friend of mine gave me a wonderful tip and I so loved it, that I'm going to share this with you: Why not use photoshop's ruler tool? Ruler tool? I never heard about this before an really had to search for it.

OK, let's try it! First open the pic you want to straighten. Then go to your tools and search for the eyedropper tool and right click on it. A little menue will open, where you can choose your ruler tool.

I started on the left top corner of my pic and endet on the right top corner:

Now go to image -> image rotation -> Arbitrary

The perfect angle for your rotation is just showed:

Now your pic is really straight but your have to crop the boarders now with your crop tool and tadaaaaaa, your're finished:

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