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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Helper - Photobucket Links

Lots of folks use Photobucket as a storage medium for their sharing their photos, layouts and project images. So when you want to share them, how do you link to these images to display them? There are 4 sets of links below each photo that are used for different purposes so let's talk about each one.  Depending on where you want to display your image, you'll code the copy and paste it into your emails, forums, or blogs.

Eamil & IM:  Use this code if you want to email or instant message the link to the image.  When you click on the link inside the email, it will take you directly to the image in Photobucket.

Direct Link:  This code allows you to display the image in your web browser, forum or blog instead of uploading the physical file.  For posting inside a forum, you'll usually find an "image or picture" button for inserting a photo into your post.  The Direct Link code is what you'll use for pasting into the photo link button.  If you've created a blinkie, you'll paste this code into the Blogger gadget so it can show up as a side bar blinkie.  This link is the one I use most frequently.

HTML Code:  Use this code to display your photo if you are doing detailed HTML coding.  If you are blogging in the COMPOSE mode, you can toggle into HTML mode and see all the gory, cryptic details and see that this is the technical code of how an image is displayed in your blogging language.

IMG Code:  This link is used on bulletin boards and forums to display your layouts and photos. It's very similar to the Direct Link code (except it has [IMG] before and [/IMG] after the code).  Some forums don't have an easy way to insert a layout, so you can paste in this code if there is no "image or picture" button. If you have a blinkie, this is the link code that you will paste into your signature.

Here's an example of posting the IMG Code link for creating my signature image.

It's good to know what each of the code links are used for in case you need them.
Hope you have a great week!

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