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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Helper - Copy And Close

Good morning, it's Sunday and it's the middle of July.  It's hot and rainy where I am.  A great day to be sleeping in!  I've got a short tutorial for you today, but one that I think you'll use again and again.

I'm a pretty simple scrapper.  I work on my layouts the same way every time.  I select my photos, load up lots of papers, place my elements, pick a title and then work on my shadows.  I love working with a bunch of different paper types and styles because you never know what they might look like together.  I used to load each one manually into my layout and it seemed to take forever.  Thankfully I found a very helpful action that I use constantly that does all the paper loading for me.  It's a free action created by Christy VanderWall from SpeedScraps called "Copy & Close".  

It's a fabulous utility that takes all your open papers and elements, copies them into your layout and then closes them all.  It may sound simple but it's incredibly powerful and saves you lots of time.  You'll need to have your PSD layout open, then open all the papers you want to play with.  Click on the "Copy & Close" action button and sit back and watch while it takes each paper, loads it into your layout and then closes the papers.  It keeps the file names of each paper so it's easy for crediting which kits the papers came from.  After I've played around with all my papers, I'll open several elements.  Click on "Copy & Close" and now all my elements are loaded into my layout.

You can download her free scripts here:

If you don't already have this, make sure you check it out this week.  
Have a fabulous week!

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