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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Layout Highlights

Today is the last day of July!!  As we move into August, we start thinking about winding down the summer and getting ready for back to school.  There's still lots of time left for summer vacation but somehow our minds start gearing down and getting ready for a transition.  Well, before you let that happen to you, how about taking a trip to your local zoo, petting farm, animal safari or pet shop.  As I was walking through the Dream Big Designs gallery, all the gorgeous layouts using 'Into The Wild' reminded me that we need to take a trip to our local zoo before the summer ends.

Let's take a closer look at 2 fabulous layouts from gals scrapping some fun at their local zoos.  First up is called National Zoo by PierKiss.  She commented that there's just too many animal photos to scrap so she had to make a 2 page layout.  It's impossible NOT to take tons of pictures at the zoo.  I love how the journaling boxes flank the outer sides and the title is spread across the 2 pages.  I'm a sucker for symmetry so this page really speaks to me with the mirror images of the template on both sides.  Look how she sprinkled the animal elements across the page.  Lots of fun here!

Next up is called A Day At The Zoo by Carrie1977.  Wow!  It looks like her boys are right in the middle of all those elements.  What a wonderful job clustering to make a scene like the front entrance to the zoo.  And you eye trails up the diagonal of the page showing a lovely triangle of white space on the upper left side.  Brilliant, don't you think??

You can find 'Into The Wild' and all of Cheri's Dream Big Designs collections at her ScrapOrchard Store.

Keep those layouts coming and have a great week!

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