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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Helper - Align and Distribute

Happy Sunday morning!  We've made it to a new month -- July!  Wow, half the year is over.  Have you accomplished some of your scrapping goals for the year?  Continuing to learn more about all the available Photoshop tools is one of my goals.  Today we're going to talk about the Align and Distribute tools.  These 2 buttons are very handy when you are trying to line up your elements and layers.

Here's what we'd like to do.  I've got several elements that we need to align... a vertical set of buttons, an alpha title, a set of frames and 3 horizontal buttons.

You'll find the Align and Distribute buttons on the top menu.  If you select either of them, you'll be given a pop-up menu that offers 6 options that you give lots of flexibility to align your layers in a vertical or horizontal line, to align the layers across the bottom or top, and to distribute the layers evenly across the horizontal or vertical plane.

Let's start with the buttons.  Select all 3 orange buttons and click on Align, then Left Edges.  This will perfectly align the buttons on their left outer edge.  Then to make them the same distance apart, click on Distribute, then Vertical Centers.  Now the 3 orange buttons are beautifully lined up with equal spacing between them.  We do the same thing for the grey buttons except this time we align them on their bottom edges and distribute the spacing evenly across the horizontal plane.

For the alphas, I position the letters next to each other, then align the bottom edges.  For the frames, I've moved them a bit closer together, then align the bottom edges and distribute across the horizontal centers and now they are lined up perfectly.

While the Align and Distribute tools may seem fairly simple, they are very powerful.  Especially if you like to line up your elements, frames, alphas or other layers in a nice straight line.  Give it a try this week.  Have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday this week!

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