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Monday, February 27, 2012

Game Day!

Here it is.....Monday......again..... I think we need something fun to do to make us smile! When we are traveling, we like to play the game "I Spy". I'm sure you've all played it, so it's simple - I'll list 10 things I SPY in Cheri's store at ScrapOrchard - and you'll send me a list of the 10 things that you spied:
Reply to this post that you sent me an e-mail - but don't post the answers here! This is a quick 24-hour contest, so tomorrow at 5pm EST it will be over and the winner (randomly picked from the posters) will receive a gift card to Cheri's store!! WOOT WOOT~ be sure to spy out the kit you want to get with the gift card you hope to win!
Here's the list of things I SPY:
1. a painted heart
2. a trike
3. a frog
4. a crab
5. a moose
6. a mouse
7. a shovel
8. a dog
9. a trophy
10. a tooth
Happy spying~~ e-mail me if you need some hints!
~~ Susan~~


  1. I have emailed my answers...thanks for a great game and the chance to win.

  2. You've got mail! Thanks for the fun game! :)

  3. Email sent.. thank you!!

  4. Emailed mine! Thanks for the fun game! :)

  5. You've got mail from me too! Thanks for the fun game!