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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Tutorial-Creating a Fun Font Title

There are so many fun fonts out there and I use them for titles often. However, sometimes they need a little extra something to add some interest. Here's a fun way to add some fun to your font titles (I'm using Photoshop Elements).

First, choose your font and create your title. Then, simplify the layer (click on the title in the layers palette, right click, and select "Simplify Layer" from the drop-down).
 Next, go to Edit<Stroke and choose a color and size for your stroke.I started with a white stroke at size 8.
 Then, continue adding strokes until you're satisfied. Use the dropper tool to match your font colors to the ones on your layout. 
 Strokes of blue, white, and orange in sizes 10, 8, and 6 px. Play around with it to get the look that you want.

 Next, add a bevel effect from the layer styles to the title.You can adjust the lighting and the size by right clicking the fx button in the layers palette. I chose to keep my size down but add just enough bevel to give it some dimension. Next, add it to your layout and enjoy!!!

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