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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Layout Higlights

Hi out there, hope, you're all fine? What are you doing right now? Here in Germany it's the last day of carnival and we're living in the surrounding of Cologne, where carnival is really a big thing. Our stock of sweets is now filled for the rest of the year *lol*

OK, but let's get some inspiration for this week. What about a little hybrid? Found a wonderful surprise box made by SandyPie using Monster Truck Madness by Cherie:


This looks really cool and is a wonderful gift especially for little boys (my son Alexander would looooooove this). You can find the the whole monster truck madness bundle here:

The second page I really loooooove is made with Chelle's kit ancient discoveries and was made by aurian:


 I really love the cute pics and all the layering. You can find the bundle here:

 Hope you enjoyed this weeks LO-Highlights as much as I did. Now I'm off to pary on the last day ;o)


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