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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Helper - Rotating Images

Good morning and Happy Father's Day!  Hope you have something great planned for the important men in your life today!  For our Sunday Helper lesson, we'll talk about an easy to use tool called Image Rotate that is so handy!  I use it every time I'm scrapping.  Whether that be something easy like flipping an element around or maybe rotating an entire template on its side.

You'll find this tool on the top toolbar under Image and Rotate.  You'll get a pop-up box that allows you options for rotating the entire layout (which is great for rotating a template) or for rotating one element by itself (or a group of layers).  

One option I use frequently is Flip Layer Horizontal.  It takes your elements and flips it over on its side.  With this water slide element, you might have it placed where you need the water slide tube shooting out on the opposite side.  

Lots of times with borders like this scallop border, you might place it on the top and bottom of your page.  So you'll need to flip the border vertically to get an identical match for the bottom.

Another example is a photo that was taken in portrait mode but you want to flip it up straight and have it level.  You can always grab the corner of the layer with your move tool and turn it yourself, but you many not get it leveled out evenly.  Using the Image/Rotate/Layer 90 Degree Left tool will quickly flip it for you.

This is such an easy technique to use and is so useful for getting the most out of your elements and templates.  Have fun experimenting this week!