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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Helper - Facebook Interest Lists

There are so many ways to stay connected with Dream Big Designs.  Whether you're browsing through all of Cheri's designs in the ScrapOrchard store, viewing her Facebook posts, checking in on the blog here, or reading her newsletter, there's so much information that's communicated these days.  But sometimes one of those media vehicles can change some rules on you behind the scenes without your even knowing about it.  Have you ever noticed that you don't always get the most recent posts from all your friends or business connections on Facebook?  Facebook will selectively limit the wall posts that you see.   

If you've liked a friend or a designer's page, you probably want to see all the activity and recent posts to keep up to date with them.  To make sure that you see everything on your news feed, simply check the box under the LIKED tab that says "Show In The News Feed".  Another way is to create interest lists.  ScrapOrchard has made it easy for you to track all their designers in one list by creating an interest group comprised of all the designer's Facebook pages:

You can use this list or create some interest lists of your own.  It's a great way to group your friends, your family, your hobbies and your scrapping designers in Facebook.

Here's a few articles about how Facebook has screened out some of your posts and how to take back control and get organized.  They include instruction on how to set up interest lists too.

So your assignment this week is to login to Facebook and get your contacts organized by creating interest lists. Once you figure out how to create a list, it's actually lots of fun.  And it's keeps you better organized!  Have a great week.

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