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Friday, November 20, 2009

Reminder....and Anyone saw NEW MOON?

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I was able to go to an early release yesterday for New Moon! Oh my HECK! It was so fantastic! I thought they did an excellent job of following the book! The characters were so DELICIOUS! The acting was much better than the first movie (Bella didn't gasp in every scene). I LOVED how they did the wolf's eyes. The Volturi were really scary looking. It was just freakin' awesome and I LOVE it! As soon as it was over I wanted them to start it again! I am so excited I have tickets to see it again tomorrow! I am off to finish a wedding cake for tomorrow too. Have a great weekend! Enjoy New Moon!!!!!!!


  1. ok i wasn't sure if i was going to take amaria to see it, but now I have to, don't I? It's either that or sneak out on my own - that's what amaria and i did when HP6 came out - we had plans to see it that Friday with friends, but we snuck out on Wed or whatever day it came out & watched it - and then again on Friday. that's what you can do in a good movie. i look forward to better acting. yes, she was "real" but the gasping was annoying! maybe real teens talk like that, but umm, i don't go to the movie to see realism! i mean, it IS about vampires & werewolves right? hahaha! i'll tell you what i think k?

  2. I am SOOOOOO jealous!!!!! You lucky girl!! My son is taking his girlfriend to see it tonight, but mom will have to wait for the DVD. Bummer!!